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Nature and Summer Fun!

We are getting ready for a family trip to the Midwest! I/ we are so excited! I LOVE going home, not only because I get to see family and friends, but because I get to ground in nature. I love the trees, the lake, the red birds, and deer. I even like the

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Gonna Have To Face It I’m Addicted To LOVE

In many ways, you could say I am addicted to LOVE. I have "LOVE is" pictures of Snoopy hanging on the wall in my office. I have a LOVE shower curtain in my bathroom, Elsie LOVE Art all over the house and LOVE buttons falling out of my purse 🙂 I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE......

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Janis the “Breathing Lady”

A couple of months ago, Elsie, my 7-year-old daughter came home after school and told me she was having a hard time breathing. When we went to basketball practice that same day, I saw her struggle and to be honest; I got a little nervous. Justin, my husband, said...

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The Benefits of Drumming

I LOVE rhythm and music and I especially LOVE the beat of a drum, which is why I asked my friend Sandra Sandia, musician and healer, to facilitate a drum circle at The LOVE Circle for Moms yesterday as a way of honoring ourselves, the cycles of nature and grounding...

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Magical Moments

Magical Moments. That's what I am calling the photo page on my new website, Connection from the Heart which, by the way, is almost ready! The pictures I am posting today are from a photo shoot I put together a few weeks ago. The whole thing started when I offered to...

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Welcome to Connection from the Heart

I can't think of a better way to kick things off then by featuring an article from one of the members of The Collective -  Inspired Parenting - a GREAT resource for parents! Emotional Intelligence – a Key to Your Child’s Future Health & Happiness by Sandie Sedgbeer As...

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Inspired by Creativity…Infused with LOVE!