My Little Story…

When I was a kid, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response would have been… “I am going to be a teacher, an artist, and sunshine in peoples lives.” 🙂

Connection from the Heart was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2015 with the intention of recreating myself and bringing my childhood dreams to life. For over 15 years, I was known as Coach Julie, Co-Founder of SoccerKidsUSA. During that time, I was searching for more. With a deep LOVE for learning, I threw myself into classes and workshops… Everything from angels and fairies to personal development and marketing. I also focused on dancing the 5 Rhythms, my greatest passion of all. Creative expression, selfawareness, and self-LOVE became my north star and Connection from the Heart was going to be the platform for sharing everything I LOVED.

If first you don't succeed...Try, try again~

So I did what you do when starting a business. I created a website, came up with a tagline, hung flyers and posted on Facebook. I picked my launch date and excitedly went live…Nothing happened. The feeling was familiar having tried to do something similar years before that didn’t work. But inside, I was driven by a dream and determined not to give up.

"Your eyes are so pretty"...

It was the PicoPop at the end of 2017 that changed everything. I volunteered to help out because I LOVED the people who were producing the event, I LOVED the theme of the event too. There were women and men involved in Social and Emotional Learning from all walks of life, with all kinds of stories. But it was the common thread, which I LOVED most…They all had a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. It was so inspiring, and the voice of LOVE inside my heart said: “these are your peeps.”…And then… It happened, I heard those magic words… “Your eyes are so pretty…” My sunshine was on 🙂

"My George, I think I've got it!"

I stayed connected with the people I met. Coffee dates, networking events, more volunteering and then early one morning while sitting at my desk, it clicked. Not only were these heart-based men and women, but they were also creative entrepreneurs who embodied their craft and were passionate about what they were doing. What if Connection from the Heart was a place where we all come together as a collective to share our different passions with the world and I could share mine too! And here we are, three years later with a different website, different Facebook banner and a NEW tagline… Connection from the Heart…Inspired by Creativity…Infused with LOVE~

A Note from Julie

Years ago in Chicago, Justin (my now husband) introduced me a to a woman named Trisha Alexander. She was creative, unconventional, I was 23 years old and searching… We would meet every week and talk about life. She would ask questions and share her wisdom. She would listen. It was Trisha who gifted me the words of A Path with Heart by Carlos Castaneda.

I still have that xeroxed piece of paper from 25 years ago, and it is only now that I truly understand the depth and importance of the question… Does this path have heart?

If you are reading this, you most likely have children of your own or are involved with children in some way. You recognize the impact of your role and want to provide your child, a child with opportunities for self-discovery, growth, and connection.

In your world Social and Emotional Intelligence matters.

At Connection from the Heart, my mission is to offer a creative, self-directed, light-hearted approach to Social and Emotional learning.

At Connection from the Heart, my intention is to inspire exploration, connection, and self -LOVE.

Our classes, camps, Playshops and Pop-Ups offer an environment for learning that stimulates creativity and exposes you to new ideas and perspectives.

“Explore with Us!”

Heart to Heart~


Inspired by Creativity…Infused with LOVE!